Fees and Charges

The current water tariffs are:

OIAMC Asset Levy
Fixed Levy
Pumping Surcharge
$0.50c/ML *

This equates to $330.22 per irrigated hectare.

Last updated: 10 September 2013. Tariffs are correct at time of publishing and are subject to change.

* Pumping surcharge only applies to supply points serviced by either the Packsaddle pump station or the MIPI pump station

Water is delivered through the supply channels by a combination of automatic and manual operation of the channel control and check-structures to reach supply points, where water enters individual farm lots. The combined delivery system consists of approximately 159 kilometres of earth lined channels and is controlled by approximately 120 flow regulators.

Typical farmer supply points are dethridge wheels, however as part of asset refurbishment automated ATS4747 meter outlets are becoming more popular in the area.

Customers order water by either a web based or automated phone system or other approved forms as per requirements outlined in the customer charter, which allows orders to be placed the day before it is required. The Water Distribution Officers will schedule water at times that facilitate ease of operation and distribution efficiency.

Water Distribution Officers manually adjust the control and check structures and attempt to provide water at the required supply points within 4 hours of customer’s requested time of delivery.